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Carpe Momento Contest August Winner


Congratulations to Lisa Bilotta! She was randomly selected for our August Kindle Fire giveaway for her entry in the Carpe Momento Contest.

Here’s Lisa’s Carpe Momento:

I am a mom of 4 great kids, a wife to a wonderful and hardworking husband, and I juggle multiple jobs, so I can be home when my kids are. Life can get overwhelmingly busy, but after too many years of not taking care of me, I took January 2013 seriously. By mid March I had lost 20 pounds and was on my way to feeling well again. At this time, my sister in law and I talked about doing serious gym time and that same day I found a link to something I had never heard of a girl only 5k mud run. Because it was set for July, sis and I had a lofty goal to work towards. We also made it a celebration for my twins sweet 16th as something we could all do together as women. The thing about this goal was that it forced me to face a fear of running I've harbored since childhood. I now enjoy it and seeing how far I progress each time I go out. The weeks before the race were a highlight as we took to the local trails and found a new love in running and hiking outdoors together. The actual event was the setting of some great quality time with the girls, however I think we bonded more during the weeks and days leading up to it! Since the run, we are now exploring more trails around the area and planning a more aggressive mud run set for next year. If we won this contest, we would register right away and commit to continuing our training. Then I would be looking forward to discovering more about that girl who used to 'sit it out!'.

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