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Carpe Momento Contest August Winner


Congratulations to Paalla Overgaard! She was randomly selected for our September Kindle Fire giveaway for her entry in the Carpe Momento Contest.

Here’s Paalla’s Carpe Momento:

"For many years I have dreamed of doing a tandem jump from an airplane. This past July 9 I turned 70 and, yes, I realized my dream. And it was a fantastic experience. I had 5 of my girlfriends who believed in me along to watch the event. There were some doubters, but none of the 5 ladies who did join me. The jump was from 12000 feet and half of that was free fall. This event took place at the Tønsberg Parachute Jumping Club in Norway. Hope it is not the last time...looking forward to a weekend course and jump next summer."

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