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What People Are Saying About Community Rooms

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I use the Berkshire Bank Community Room once a year to host my fantasy football league draft. It provides a ton of space, and the Hi-Def Plasma really adds to the interactive draft board.

-S. Harden, Albany

I use the Berkshire Bank Community Room for board meetings, the teleconferencing and video conferencing really expands my communication possibilities. 

-D. Harrington, Albany

I’m a member of Berkshire Bank, and I use the Community Room for a weekly non-profit organization meeting. The whiteboard is a great way to brainstorm and share ideas with the group.

-S. Madison, New York City

I meet monthly with neighborhood representatives and local town officials in the Berkshire Bank Community Room to discuss rebuilding efforts and neighborhood safety. 

-T. Greene, Woburn

I have used the Community Room at Berkshire Bank for teaching a class on Microsoft Office. The spacious room along with the Wi-Fi internet allows a larger group of attendees to become more interactive. 

-N. Toledo, Springfield

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