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Teaching Financial Literacy

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Financial literacy is not something that most people come by naturally; it is taught and learned. Once you have learned about financial literacy, you may want to share your knowledge with others. The resources listed below are designed to help you help others learn more about their money and how to manage, spend and invest it responsibly.

Banzai! Life Scenarios
Banzai was designed to help students learn to make smart spending and savings decisions.

Teacher's Edition

Student's Edition

A listing of resources from, the U.S. government's website dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics about financial education.

Classroom ideas for K-12, presented by the United States Mint

The official site of The National Endowment for Financial Education

Jump$tart - a national coalition of organizations dedicated to improving the financial literacy of pre-kindergarten through college-age youth by providing advocacy, research, standards and educational resources.

Money Smart Adult Financial Education Curriculum - a Computer-Based (or instructor led) financial literacy educational program developed by the FDIC.

Money Smart for Young Adults - designed to help youth ages 12-20 learn the basics of financial literacy and developed by the FDIC.

Pracital Money Skills for Life (sponsored by VISA) - a comprehensive set of resources designed to help teach financial literacy to different age groups.

Financial Literacy Games brought to you by Practical Money Skills for Life - a fun selection of games that are exciting to play and educational too!

Financial Soccer (sponsored by VISA)
Financial Soccer is a fast-paced, multiple-choice question game, testing players' knowledge of financial management skills as they advance down field, and try to score goals. Educators are encouraged to review and download the curriculum for students, before actual game play.

Financial Soccer for ages 18+

Financial Soccer for ages 14-18

Financial Soccer for ages 11-14

The Money Guide: An Introduction to Money Management for Kids Ages 8-12

(sponsored by Practical Money Skills for Life / VISA) 


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Financial Literacy Toolkit