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Berkshire Bank’s Private Banking allows you to conduct your banking business in a place and at a time that’s most convenient for you. Your Berkshire Bank Private Banker provides personal, confidential access to the banking products and services you need.

Exceptional Service
Private Banking was designed to make every financial transaction as smooth as possible. In most cases, you won’t even have to come to a Berkshire Bank office, because your Private Banker will come to you. Appointments can be arranged at your house, our office, or your office. Your Berkshire Bank Private Banker has the flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

Priority Access
As a Private Banking client, your banking needs receive priority treatment. Your Private Banker expedites access to all Berkshire Bank financial services and products.

Flexible Solutions, Expert Advice
A team of Berkshire Bank financial specialists enables your Private Banker to guide you to the resources most appropriate to your specific goals and objectives.

Membership in a Select Group
Berkshire Bank’s Private Banking clients benefit from an individualized approach to financial services. By establishing an understanding of your financial requirements, your Private Banker is able to effectively anticipate your needs, and provide unparalleled service.

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Contact Us

Beth Mineo
Senior Vice President
Director of Private Banking

Rosa Cordiano
Vice President

Moriah Lonczak
Assistant Vice President

Jennifer DeAngelo
Private Banking Officer

Christina Andreoli
Senior Vice President 

Cindy Barford
Senior Vice President

Susan Yahn DiPinto
Senior Vice President

Nina Melker
Senior Vice President

Cheryl Pollice
Private Banking Officer

Stacey Peel
Vice President

Lisa Antoniotti
Private Banking Officer 

Linda Kurdi
Private Banking Officer 


Private Banking