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Powering A Sustainable Future

We take pride in our environmentally friendly policies.

When it comes to paper and power use, we're cutting back. When it comes to providing volunteer resources to environmental causes, we're stepping forward. At Berkshire Bank, we have a tradition of social responsibility and our sustainability initiatives are one way we're working to be a good corporate citizen. 

We implemented a collection of policies, procedures and practices designed to measure, monitor and control our environmental performance and support efforts to reduce our environmental impacts, address climate change while increasing our efficiency. These efforts collectively serve as our Environmental Management System helping inform our sustainability strategy and tactics. Through our Environmental Management System we take steps to conserve and protect natural resources, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, develop and offer environmentally conscious products and services, and engage employees and suppliers in a commitment to operating in an environmentally conscious manner. From financing low-carbon projects to encouraging our employees to adopt more environmentally conscious practices, our environmental principles help embed sustainability throughout our business.

  • Comply with all applicable local, state and federal regulations in the communities in which it operates
  • Comply with all applicable Company policies governing business with environmentally sensitive industries including, but not limited to, the Environmental Loan Policy as well as the Responsible & Sustainable Business sections of lending, deposit and investment policies
  • Comply with Berkshire Bank’s Environmental Standards
  • Integrate consideration of material environmental risks and opportunities into business decision making
  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by procuring energy from renewable sources consistent with our renewable electricity and GHG goals and sourcing environmentally conscious supplies
  • Offer environmentally conscious delivery of products and services
  • Engage with our stakeholders on environmental topics material to our business
  • Ensure safe water, sanitation, respect for biodiversity, critical habitats
  • Do not to undertake business activities that would irrevocably harm the environment
  • Encourage employee engagement in order to enhance awareness and understanding of environmental topics
  • Support local community-based environmental initiatives with financial and human capital investments
  • Monitor our environmental performance and report on our performance internally and externally at a minimum annually
  • Communicate our principles and performance in an open and transparent manner

Recent accomplishments

  • 100% company electronics recycled
  • Solar net metering agreements
  • 61% renewable electricity use
  • 75% sustainably harvested and environmentally conscious paper
  • 65% reduction in paper usage from 2014 baseline
  • $38MM in renewable energy lending
  •  Zero (0) environmental fines

Renewable Electricity Use By State

State Percent Renewable
MA 48%
CT 100%
RI 100%
VT 89%
NY 56%
NJ 100%
PA 69%

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