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Will my account number be changing?

No.  To ensure minimal disruption to you, there will be no change to your existing account number. Only the account type and features of your account may change.

Why is my account type changing?

At Berkshire Bank, we are continuously evaluating our full suite of consumer and business product offerings to ensure that you have access to the most desired account features and products that will help to simply and enhance your banking experience.  From time to time, older account types that do not offer the most current account features are discontinued and customers in those accounts are placed in a similar account type that does offer the most current, innovative features that our customers have come to expect.

How do I identify what product type(s) I am currently in?

If you are an online banking user, you can identify your account type by logging into your online banking account.  A list of your accounts will appear, including the name of the account type(s) that you own.  You can also view your paper or online account statement to identify your account type.  At the top of your account statement, your account type, account number and ending account balance will be listed.

What action do I need to take in advance of this change to my account?

No action is required at this time.  Because your account number will not change, you may continue to use the same checks that you currently use today (if your account is a checking account).  Your online banking and mobile banking access will not be interrupted because of this change.  If you have direct deposit or automatic withdrawals/deposits set up to your account, they will not be impacted.  You may also continue to use your same ATM/Debit Card that you are currently using today.

What if, after identifying what my new account type will be, I’ve determined that is not the right account type for me? If there is an alternative account type, I wish to switch over to, what should I do?

If you have decided that the account type your account will be changing over to is not the best fit for you, not to worry.  You have options.  Meeting with a Relationship Banking expert to discuss the account type that will fit your unique financial needs is the best next step.  There are many ways to contact one of our Relationship Banking experts. 

How do I find out about other account options without minimum balance requirements?

At Berkshire Bank, we are committed to ensuring that our products align with our customers’ financial needs. If you would like to discuss other account type options, meeting with a Relationship Banking expert to discuss the account type that will fit your unique financial needs is the best next step. 

How do I know if Berkshire Bank considers my account as non-profit?

If you are unsure if Berkshire Bank considers your account as non-profit, not to worry. You have options. You can contact us at 800.773.5601, your Relationship Manager or visit your nearest financial center to speak with a Relationship Banking expert. They will be able to let you know if your account reflects as a non-profit, or what documentation to provide to update our records.  
If there is a financial center you are accustomed to working with and wish to speak with someone in that location, click here for our Financial Center Locater

If you wish to speak with one of our MyBanker Relationship Managers, click here to book an appointment with a MyBanker in your area

Are you a Private Banking customer and wish to speak with a member of our Private Banking team?  Click here to contact one of our Private Banking team members

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