BEST Community Comeback

Every Community Deserves a Comeback

At Berkshire Bank our most important investment for 175 years has been the one we make in each other. We believe that a better world requires a better approach to banking. With the launch of Berkshire Bank’s BEST Community Comeback, we are living out our purpose: powering the financial potential of our communities.
In 2021 we marked our 175-year history as a financial institution that was started to bank the American worker. This heritage is our north star as we continue to uplift the communities we serve. Every community deserves a comeback and through this multi-year investment, we are unleashing the untapped potential within every community we serve.
Every time you Bank with Berkshire you’re helping your community comeback stronger.
Berkshire Bank’s multi-year $5 Billion commitment known as the BEST Community Comeback focuses on strengthening communities in four key areas: fueling small businesses, community financing and philanthropy, financial access and empowerment, and environmental sustainability. Through the plan, Berkshire will lend and invest $5 billion including $2.5 billion for low-moderate income neighborhoods and $300 million in low-carbon projects. We’ll help improve the financial outcomes in 300,000 people and provide 200,000 consumers with a socially responsible banking account. Berkshire will create and save countless jobs, invest in our employees, and strengthen our diversity, equity and inclusion work in our communities. 

Fueling small businesses
  • $1.5B in small business lending
  • Targeted programming including financial coaching and technical assistance 
Community financing and philanthropy
  • $2.5B in mortgage lending
  • $15MM in community contributions
  • $3MM equivalent in employee volunteer time
  • $50MM in socially responsible investments under management 
Financial inclusion and access
  • $2.5B in lending for low & moderate income neighborhoods 
  • $200 MM in lending for minority mortgage borrowers 
  • 300,000 people impacted with financial wellness programming
  • 200,000 socially responsible customer bank accounts
  • $300MM in lending for low-carbon projects
  • 100 percent renewable electricity usage 
  • Green House Gas (GHG) Emission Reduction 

We invite you to learn more about how we’re the leading socially responsible community bank throughout our website and in our most recent Corporate Responsibility Report.

Check our our press release announcing the BEST Community Comeback from 9/15 click here.

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