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Take the time to design a card that says something about you.

Add a personal touch. Or create a marketing tool.

At Berkshire Bank, you can pick your own photo for your Business Debit Card. If you want to be reminded of what's waiting for you at the end of the day, choose a portrait of family, friends or a pet. If you want to send a message about what you do, use a photo of your workplace. No matter which direction you go, you'll have a tool that will boost your buying power and give you access to thousands of ATMs.

  • Low fee of $9.95
  • First, log in to the card designer tool
  • Then follow these simple steps: 1) Select your desired card background; 2) Customize your card design; 3) Enter you order information; 4) Submit your custom design
  • Your customized debit card will be mailed to your current card address on file with Berkshire Bank
  • You can also choose photos from our exclusive galleries

Click here if your card begins with 558142, Business Debit Card

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