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A faster, more efficient way to go about your business.

Manage your accounts in real time. And on your time.

In business, timing can be everything. You need up-to-the-minute financial data if you're going to make good decisions. And you need account access at all hours of the day, not just from 9 to 5. Those are two good reasons to sign up for Berkshire Bank's online banking service, Business Solutions. It's the ultimate way to stay connected to, and in control of, all your financial matters.
  • View account balances and activity
  • Transfer funds
  • Originate ACH transactions
  • Place stop payments
  • Access your check images and bank statements
  • Initiate wire transfers
  • Pay bills electronically

Other Features

  • Arrange for alerts
  • Create and customize your own reports
  • Create and maintain your own wire and ACH templates
  • Take advantage of enhanced administrative rights
  • Produce expanded reports
  • Create favorite pages and favorite reports
  • Enjoy secure email communications

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