Pain-free escrow and subaccounting, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

ZEscrow is a modern escrow and sub-accounting service that accommodates a wide range of
businesses and special use cases. With secure online access, organizations can manage virtually
all of their escrow and sub-accounting tasks without sending another fax, touching another
paper tax form, or calling customer service.

The platform works seamlessly through a secure online portal. It provides access to all critical
information on the various subaccounts, with full reporting capabilities.

Benefits for businesses and organizations that use ZEscrow

  • Fast – ZEscrow allows for monitoring and managing escrow and subaccounts online, 24/7.
  • Efficient – No more faxing or emailing signed forms, no more phone calls to check balances or make changes.
  • Compliant – Regulatory compliance is built in, including W-9s and other tax paperwork.
  • Flexible – Our escrow and sub-accounting platform excels at unusual and complex workflows.
  • Cost-effective – Clients of Berkshire Bank will use the ZEscrow platform free of charge.

ZEscrow eliminates the headache of escrow and subaccounting in one elegant digital system.
  • 100% online, anytime access for designated team members
  • 30 seconds to open, fund, manage or close escrow accounts
  • Create 1-1000+ digital folders to match your internal filing system
  • Just 2 button clicks to access detailed reports and historical statements
  • 60 seconds to gather and store W-9s online with DocuSign integration
  • Precise, customizable interest calculation and splitting
  • Flexible system for specialized use cases
  • API-first platform can even connect to your in-house software

To learn more, watch the video about the new Sub-Accounting Solution

Discover how ZEscrow can help your business run more effciently by contacting our cash management team, click here for the listing.
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