Certificates of Deposit

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CDS help you stay in full control as you get closer to your financial goal

We offer a variety of CD terms. So you can invest on your terms.

Have some money you don't need right away? A Berkshire Bank Certificate of Deposit is a safe and rewarding way to reach your financial goals. No matter how long you decide to invest for, you can rest assured that your investment is secure, your money will grow at attractive rates, and that you've made a smart move.

  • Choose investment terms ranging from 3 months to 60 months or more
  • Earn competitive CD rates that generally exceed those of regular savings accounts
  • Guaranteed returns mean you know exactly how much you'll have when your CD reaches maturity
  • CDs can be included as part of your combined statement with your other deposit account
  • Access account information 24 hours a day with Online Banking or Telephone Banking
  • Automatically transfer CD interest earned to another account

Think a CD might be a good way to bolster your savings? To get started, contact us or visit a Financial Center branch in CT, MA, NY, RI and VT.

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