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A Commitment to Community.

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Reevx Labs is part of Berkshire Bank’s continued commitment to bettering the communities we serve. Through our partnerships with various nonprofits and community stakeholders, we will provide programming and educational experiences to assist them in their growth.

What is Reevx Labs?
In an effort to support emerging businesses, Berkshire Bank will be opening Reevx Labs, a series of free co-working spaces for the community. The goal is to create spaces where entrepreneurs and non-profits can connect with their peers as they pursue their missions. The Labs, each with a unique approach informed by the needs of the community, provide opportunities to build solutions.

Entrepreneurship is Growing.
The rise of the gig economy and start-ups reach all sectors. By 2020, more than 27 million Americans will be self-employed. Many of these small operations are without co-working space. Additionally, entrepreneurship among minorities is skyrocketing. Over 8 million minority-owned companies in the US did over $11 million in business last year. Reevx Labs supports this emerging business class by providing a free co-working space for the community.

Raising Your Expectations.
  • Our storefronts connect a new crop of entrepreneurs from over looked communities with valuable resources as they build the next big thing.
  • Our on-site MyBankers provide free financial counseling to help you create a plan to improve your financial status.
  • Our easy access to a digital banking experience provides more freedom over your finances while breaking away from fees.

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