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BEST Community Comeback sTOURies: Going the Extra Mile with VIP Treatment

In relationships, trust and transparency are important. For one auto service and tire retailer, keeping cars at peak performance and wheels in motion is their main business. However, that’s not what keeps it going. It is three generations of family history, repositioning itself for financial success, and having a business philosophy that prioritizes relationships that sets VIP Tires & Service apart.

John Quirk has been in the family-owned automotive business for 38 years. His family founded Quirk Tire Company in 1926 in Watertown, Massachusetts. In 2001, Quirk acquired VIP Tires & Service, an automotive and tire chain based in Maine with 43 stores. Today, VIP owns 65 stores - soon to be 67 - located in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts.  Now, Quirk is Executive Chairman of VIP Tires & Service. 

John Quirk (left), Executive Chairman of VIP Tires & Service, and Nitin Mhatre, Berkshire Bank CEO

Recently, Berkshire Bank executives visited VIP’s  Brookline, Massachusetts store as part of the bank’s “BEST Community Comeback to meet Quirk and his team.  

Quirk has been a Berkshire Bank customer for almost nine years. Quirk is a down-to-earth businessman who believes in empowering employees and customers. He affectionately says he is in the people business and shared, “The VIP secret sauce is transparency, honesty, and engaging with people.”  

At VIP Tires & Service, they see up to 35,000 cars a month and the average customer comes in at least three times a year. They find their customers are most concerned about the safety of their car and are looking to establish a relationship with a mechanic who will earn their trust.

VIP staff partners with their customers to assure competent technicians best diagnose car problems. Quirk shared, “You can’t fake trust, you have to earn it.”

The Berkshire Bank executives meet with the VIP Tires & Service team.

For both Berkshire and VIP, it is important to be a part of the local community and invest in relationships to build trust. “It sounds like what we talk about at Berkshire Bank, the importance of trust, transparency, and communication,” said Berkshire Bank CEO Nitin Mhatre. 

Quirk said, “We feel the best form of marketing is total transparency during the customer visit. …To earn an automotive customer for life you need well-trained associates who love helping people. This is the brand standard and the mission of the company.”