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Be An Ally Like Lindsay

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to Berkshire Bank. We support equality and our BeFirst values create a culture where everyone belongs and thrives. We offer employee resource groups (ERG) such as the PRIDE and Allies ERG to create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ employees.   

During Pride month in June, we shared personal stories about what PRIDE means to Berkshire Bank employees and today we discuss the importance of being an ally. 

Allies are people who recognize the unearned privilege they receive from society’s patterns of injustice and systemic biases. Allies take responsibility for becoming educated and changing these patterns. Examples of allies include men who work to end gender bias, white people who work to end racism, heterosexual people who work to end injustices that emerge from a hetero-normative culture, heterosexism, able-bodied people who work to end ableism, and so on.   Allies are critically important to ensuring a safe environment for all. 

At Berkshire Bank, Lindsay Codwise, (she/her), community programs officer with Berkshire Bank’s Foundation feels supporting the LGBTQ community is important. Her best friend is a gay man who she met over 15 years ago in Boston.  

Lindsay currently serves on the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee of the Child Care of the Berkshires Board to help ensure that the organization’s policies, procedures, and practices are fully inclusive of all populations. She also spent many years being involved with Boston Pride, when she lived in the city.  

Lindsay shared, “To me, being an ally simply means being your authentic self. You can also show your support as an ally by attending LGBTQIA+ rallies or events. One of the most important things an ally can do is to speak up against ignorance or intolerance as it’s happening to help right a potential wrong.” 

For those who are interested in learning how you can be an ally, some additional resources are listed below: