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Pride Month - Tabitha Grous


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to Berkshire Bank. We support equality and our BeFirst values create a culture where everyone belongs and thrives. We offer employee resource groups (ERG) such as the PRIDE ERG to create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies.  

During Pride month in June, we share personal stories from Berkshire Bank employees about what PRIDE means to them. Today we introduce you to Tabitha Grous, Post Closer, from Berkshire Bank Home Lending.  


Tabitha is a proud member of the Berkshire Bank Pride Employee Resource Group. She also tries to attend any local Pride events that she can to show her support as an Ally.  

Tabitha is a Straight Ally for the LGBT community. Tabitha said, “Growing up, I was always a supporter, but I really became involved when my little brother came out as a transgender man. I am an Ally and Proud! I want everyone to know that if they ever need someone, I am always there.”  

She continued, “I have not been personally discriminated against for my sexual orientation or gender identity, but I know many people who have. I have many gay, lesbian, and trans men in my life and I know their personal struggles throughout their transitions have been vast. As they are not my stories to tell, I will not, but I am always here to listen.” 

Tabitha also shared, “There are many names throughout LGBT history that are important, but I would honestly have to say that the most important to me would have to be my brothers. Growing up, I watched firsthand the personal struggles of one of the closest and most important people in my life. After losing our mother, my little brother Eli came out at a young age and showed me what true strength really is. He is a proud transgender man, who was lucky enough to find and marry the love of his life. (Giving me another amazing brother!) I am beyond proud of these young men for living their truth and fully embracing it. I have enjoyed watching them grow and create a beautiful life with their four-legged babies. I will forever support love.” 

Please join Berkshire Bank for our next PRIDE feature story on June 28.