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We are America’s Most Exciting Bank® because of our commitment to making a difference in our community. Community is at the core of our culture and we believe in supporting the causes that are important to all our stakeholders through charitable contributions and sponsorships. For your convenience, we are excited to offer an online request process, which will help determine if you are eligible for support and collect all the information that we need to make a timely decision. Requests for support are only accepted through this online process and we will only consider one request per year from any organization. We appreciate your interest in partnering with Berkshire Bank and Berkshire Bank Foundation.

How to Find Funding

Berkshire Bank Foundation Philanthropic Grants

Through philanthropic grants, we seek to strengthen and improve the quality of life in communities served by Berkshire Bank and its subsidiaries. Grants are only made to 501©3 federal tax exempt organizations and government entities. The Foundation offers four (4) grant programs: Education, Community/Economic Development, a rotating RFP which in 2017 is for Basic Needs and Community Building. Each program has its own unique application, eligibility criteria and desired outcomes so applicants are required to read the Foundation’s complete grant guidelines prior to applying for support. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and decisions are made monthly according to the Foundation’s Guidelines. Applications for Community Building grants are by invitation only.
Foundation Nonprofit Grant Guidelines

Apply for an Education Grant

Apply for a Community/Economic Development Grant

Apply for a Basic Needs Grant

Berkshire Bank Community Sponsorships

We also provide sponsorship funding to organizations in communities serviced by Berkshire Bank. Organizations may apply for sponsorship funds to support activities, events and programs that provide the bank visibility or networking opportunities. Individuals are not eligible. Sponsorships are investments in events, programs and causes that are designed to increase our brand awareness and improve the goodwill of our company. Sponsorships are also designed to provide the bank with opportunities to build meaningful relationships with our communities, employees, and existing and prospective customers. These opportunities may be promotional (e.g., booth, program ads, etc.), entertainment (e.g., tickets, tables, etc.) or events (e.g. gala, golf tournaments, etc.). Applicants are required to read the bank’s community sponsorship guidelines prior to applying for support. Applications are due by the first of each month with decisions being made by the following month. Applications should be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to any ad or response deadlines.
Bank Sponsorship Guidelines
Apply for a Community Sponsorship

Berkshire Bank Corporate Sponsorships

In addition to Community Sponsorships Berkshire Bank offers Corporate Sponsorships which are significant financial investments of greater than $10,000 in properties, events and causes that are designed to increase our brand awareness and improve the goodwill of our company as part of our overarching marketing and public relations strategy at a corporate level. By sponsoring professional sports teams, arts and entertainment venues, community events, and more, we are supporting the goals of our customers and employees. Berkshire Bank does not accept proposals for Corporate Sponsorships and prefers to take a more proactive role in identifying the events, causes, and properties that best align with our brand and strategy. If you are interested in discussing your Corporate Sponsorship opportunity with us please contact

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