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Environmental Sustainability 

Berkshire Bank has a longstanding commitment to social responsibility. Our focus on our environmental practices is a continuation of our commitment to be a good corporate citizen. We are committed to helping the environment by engaging our employees, customers, shareholders and communities to address three important sustainability objectives. We know the success of our environmental programs pays dividends for our business and more importantly, our communities.

Stakeholder Engagement

We are committed to engaging our employees in volunteer service that impacts the environment, developing products that promote green banking options, and engaging our staff, customers and public in practices that encourage recycling.


Steps we're taking:

  • Promoting green banking products
  • 15% volunteer commitment to environmental causes
  • Community events
  • Implementing recycling standards across the enterprise


  • Creation of company recycling standards
  • Creation of company environmental standards
  • 16% of corporate volunteer activities benefit the environment
  • 32% products used in offices come from recycled sources
  • 37 initiatives completed through sustainability program since April 2015





Energy Consumption 

We are committed to reducing our energy consumption by 10% by 2018 so that we can preserve our resources for generations to come, reduce our carbon footprint and sustain our operations in a manner that is responsible to our environment and people.

Steps we're taking:

  • Turning lights off when not in use
  • Temperature & thermostat  regulation
  • Investments in more energy efficient products


  • Implemented energy saving enhancements
  • Implemented energy saving guidelines including temperature & lighting regulation




Paper Consumption

We are committed to reducing our paper consumption by 10% by 2018 to lower our environmental impact. We utilize technology to reduce paper usage, promote online banking solutions, promote reusable products in our offices and engage our employees and customers in behaviors that eliminate the need for paper.

Steps we're taking:

  • Eliminating disposable paper products from offices
  • Standardizing double-sided printing
  • Encouraging e-statement adoption
  • Reducing paper purchases


  • 18% reduction in paper usage from baseline
  • 228,000 pounds of paper recycled annually
  • Elimination of disposable paper products in most offices
  • 64% increase in eStatement use from baseline
  • 75% of paper comes from sustainabily managed forests

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