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Berkshire Bank’s wealth management group is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive investment and fiduciary services with sophistication, all while delivering the personal attention you’d expect from a community bank. At Berkshire Bank, your assets are at once soundly protected to preserve your wealth—and strategically engaged to build upon your success. 

Click here to learn more about Berkshire Bank Wealth Management.

Investment Management:

Highly skilled and experienced investment professionals
Proactive collaborative approach to portfolio development
Asset Allocation/Optimized investment portfolios
Proprietary investment process created and monitored by the Berkshire   Bank Investment Team
Comprehensive portfolio management and investment strategies
Efficient tax planning

Fiduciary Services:

Estate Administration/Executor Services
Ability to serve as Corporate Trustee/Co-Trustee
Trust Administration:

o        Special Needs Trust
o        Revocable Trust
o        Irrevocable Trust
o        Foundations & Charitable Trusts

Objective fiduciary management
Legal oversight by staff attorney
Consultation with client’s legal and tax professionals

Financial Planning:

Dedicated Certified Financial Planners
Electronic data collection/consolidation capabilities
Strategic preparation for life’s financial events
Qualitative review of asset allocation, insurance products, estate plans and other financial documents
Analysis and evaluation of finances, financial statements and cash flow
Objective expert recommendations for financial guidance

Alongside our comprehensive wealth management solutions, you’ll enjoy a superior level of customer services at Berkshire Bank, including:

•  Strong team approach with designated personal Portfolio Manager and Wealth Adviser
Regularly scheduled meetings to discuss administrative, investment services—and to review your investment performance
Comprehensive cash flow planning and bill payment services
Liaison services with all your banking partners

Click here to learn more about Berkshire Bank Wealth Management.

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